About Jake

Born and raised in Minnesota, Jake graduated from Stanford University with a BA in International Communication and a Masters in Sociology. He developed a strong interest in professional culture while working for a Fortune 500 company in Chicago and a venture-backed startup out of Denver.

Jake founded his consulting practice, Greene Group, in 2006. Through Greene Group, he works with organizations on communication, branding, change, and growth initiatives. Past clients have included financial service firms, consumer products companies, retailers, telecommunication companies, non-profits, government organizations and more.

Jake’s first book, Whoa, My Boss Is Naked! A Career Book for People Who Would Never Be Caught Dead Reading a Career Book was published in 2008. The book is filled with pop culture references from the ’80s, ’90s, and today that support wide-ranging advice on how to land a job and get ahead without becoming a corporate tool. As the New York Sun wrote, the book “walks readers through all the potholes of office life in a fun and irreverent way that might keep even the hippest (and most resistant) office addition riveted.”

Jake is based in Los Angeles.